Five Secrets to Negotiating the Best IT Help Desk Software Deal

Software negotiations can be a time-consuming, complex, and often confusing process, and IT help desk software is no exception.  Even for those companies that have purchased enterprise software before, working with an IT help desk software sales rep – who is likely a negotiating “pro” with a lot of deal-making experience – can be quite intimidating. 

However, there are some highly effective “tricks” that can help you get a great deal on your IT help desk software.  By following these five simple tips, you can get the best IT help desk software at the best possible price:

Ignore the Price Book

The first thing an IT help desk software vendor is likely to do is quote you an estimated cost directly from their price book.  Ignore this quote completely, as few software providers actually charge full price for their solutions.  They typically begin negotiations with their published pricing, then offer a standard discount in hopes of appearing flexible, while cutting a quick deal and still pulling in a nice profit.  Be sure to use this discounted price – not the list price – as the jumping off point for your discussions.   

Continue Your Search

The IT help desk software market is highly competitive, and letting your vendor know that the deal is not a “lock” is the key to securing a sizeable discount.  Keep looking at other IT help desk software products, and be sure your sales rep knows that price will be a huge factor in your final decision.  They’re likely to be far more generous if they know there is a strong chance they could lose your business to a competitor. 

“Free” Does Not Always Mean “Good”

Many IT help desk software providers will offer free capabilities or add-ons in lieu of a price discount.  Unless these features are on your requirements list, don’t fall into this trap.  Many vendors use this approach to increase market share for underperforming products. 

Be A Reference

Nothing is more persuasive than a testimonial from an existing client.  That’s why IT help desk software vendors are willing to pay dearly for references.  By agreeing to speak to potential customers, participate in published case studies, or give interviews to the media, you can secure a terrific deal on your IT help desk software solution.  But remember that the vendor is likely to work some related language into the contract, making you legally obligated to act as an advocate once the papers are signed.  So, be sure to check with your legal or public relations department first, since they may have guidelines and restrictions already in place. 

Don’t Forget the Services

The IT help desk software itself is not the only place where savings can be found.  You can also try to get the vendor to cut the costs associated with implementation and maintenance.  And some vendors, if they want your business badly enough, may even agree to provide free consulting services, training, or upgrades.